Pre-Cotillion: K - 4th Grade

The purpose of the National League of Junior Cotillions Pre-Cotillions™ program is to give young people instruction and practice in the courtesies and character traits that make life more pleasant for them and those around them.

Peanuts is the Pre-Cotillion mascot who plays a vital role in the program. He interacts with students in all Pre-Cotillion levels and performs important duties in each class.

Handout booklets with pictures and games to reinforce what is taught in class are given to each student. A note to the parent is included, outlining each class so parent's can be familiar with the curriculum.

Pre-Cotillion I

Pre-Cotillion I offers instruction in the areas of character education, basic manners in home - appearances, introductions, sports manners and basic table manners. The Manners Song™ , fun poems and games are designed to reinforce curriculum.

Cotillion Dance

NLJC's Dance Program consists of traditional dances such as the Foxtrot, Cha Cha, Shag / Swing, and Waltz; as well as current, popular line dances. Music consists of current top forty hits that have been carefully screened for lyrics and content.